Kadir welcomes you to his hotel.

Kadir Bozlak

Kadir offers you a warm welcome.

Kadir Bozlak was born and bred in Goreme (yes,actually in this house), and is married with a young growing family. Appreciative of your choice to stay at his hotel, Kadir speaks Turkish and English to share his expert local knowledge, experience of ballooning and suggestions on "must-see" unique Cappadocia attractions.

The name Gerdiş Evi (pronounced "Ger-dishEv-ee") respects the traditional name of the location from years gone by, meaning a peaceful corner of the village to which you can return again and again. Evi means house and our local stone-built rooms reflect their heritage successfully blending history and culture with the smart and modern for guests' comfort.

Come and join us; kick back & embrace the beauty of Cappadocia.

Gerdiş Evi entrance